Last night was a late one. I was hurting so much physically that I could not settle. I went to bed just before ten, and was awake till gone 2am.

My legs hurt, my back hurts, my arms and shoulders hurt, and my head is pounding.

I decided today that if I was going to meltdown physically, I needed to push myself into getting cleared up first. Not that there is much to clear up. A couple of laundry loads, a quick run-around with a broom downstairs, a tidy and a hoover upstairs, bath and loo cleaned.

Of course, The Mother is coming over too, which means I need to bit a teensy bit tidier. Because, well, you know. It's The Mother.

I spoke to Jo this morning. Just chatted about nothing in particular once again, though she did share some interesting third-hand gossip. See, it turns out that an actual Friend of hers believes that Tam is someone elses child completely. Which, while amusing, just shows what that "Friend" really things of Me, of Jo, and everything else.

So he can piss off right now.

Otherwise, with my body doing the Ouchie Tango, I'm sat till The Mother arrives in a while. Later today, Jaysen is off to spend the weekend with Jo, and I've asked (and shall receive!) Tamsyn for the weekend. I've gone from being a family, then to being broken and having Jaysen, to what, this weekend, should be just me - so I asked for Tam to help wean me a bit.

Jaysen will be back Sunday night, and I might well keep Tam an extra day or two so the kids spend time together as well - because let's face it, that's important too.

So while I'm in a better frame of mind today, I've still got a long way to go.

I'll survive.

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2 Responses to “Late”

debbie said...

OMG Dan,

sorry to hear your in Physical Pain, may be you doing to much to shut your emotional pain away, but as for Jo's Friend, what planet is that person on,, Tam is so yours you can see it and I have never met you..

g-man said...

Hope you get over the aches soon.

Glad to see the positive attitude, yes you will survive. Change blows (sometimes), but in the end it will not kill you.