I've Earned It

It has to be said that I have been a busy little bunny today. And with minimal amounts of procrastination.

All that down there in the post below I have plugged away at pretty much all day. I checked my WoW before I started it all, otherwise had I done it while mid-busy-bunny, I would have stayed put. After the doctors, I headed to Ruths where I was supposed to be heading into town, but various amounts of stress and stuff had cropped up, and in the end she told me to stop flapping and sent me home. The Bitch.

Then I pretty much burnt my way through the house, slogging over this, that and the other, and decided at about 2pm to have something to eat. I hadn't eaten all day. So I sat down with some rabbit food, a banana, a cup of tea, and watched the last episode of House season two. Ooooh. I was good though, I refrained from ripping the cellophane from my season three box, and carried on.

Not long after I restarted, I chucked the dog in the garden, headed off for a pee (hey, you want a classy blog, this ain't it!), collected some rubbish and headed down, opened the back door - to find a brown dog in the garden. Sally, as you know, is white. This was a brown dog... No, wait... My Garden + Heavy Rain + White Boxer = ....Well, you can imagine.

And I'd not long cleaned the floors...

So I strategically placed some laundry on the floor, and got her up into the bath, where I promptly showered, bathed, scrubbed, combed, rescrubbed, recombed and dried the dirty great lump. Sure enough the Brown Dog became a White Dog once more. Do I slapped on her anti-flea stuff, and text Cel to let her know that if she would rather Sally stayed at hers for the weekend, instead of Cel coming here to sort her out, she was sorted.

Cel called very soon after that, and from her tone of voice, I figured that I was being... Well, rather special. I thought I had mentioned it to her, but the more I spoke to her, the more I thought "Dan, you're a spaz" So the dog sitter is sorted now too! She's coming later this evening to collect the stupid-ass mongrel and take her back to hers, and come in during the day to check on the pussy cats.

A little after 5pm, Kellie and her kids turned up for a coffee. Well, the kids got juice, but otherwise, we sat for an hour chatting and chilling, me being very self-conscious of how hot I was. Hot, as in heat, not hot as in my normal physical presence.

They toddled off around six, and I once again set to the house, packing, sorting, arranging... And now here I am, 8pm, and finally, I am done. Granted, there are two items on the list I have yet to do, but the first, "shorts", are in the washing machine. If it gets hot, I am sorted, otherwise, I sleep in them when staying at other peoples houses. No one wants to see my special boxer shorts during the night/first thing in the morning ;) The second item, "shave", well, I'll do that this evening before bed when I have a shower.

My bag is packed, my laptop is packed (those of you that pray to electronic deities, say a pray that my hosts can fix it!), and I even have a sleeping bag packed. I am offically ready...

And aside from a brief babysitting stint in the morning while Ruth goes to see her doc about her STD, I will be doing the off mid-morning. Ish. YAY for a weekend holiday!

And no, Emma, I am not heading to Pompey ;)

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6 Responses to “I've Earned It”

Em's way said...

Emma doesn't think you are heading to Pompey, Emma knows where you are going ;) But Emma also is miffed cos she invited Dan to stay last summer and she is still waiting HUMPH

Dan said...

No no no, you are Em, Emma is Emma. See, all this confusion. Whenever I go away Emma thinks I am down there because I was there once and didnt mention it ;)

And don't worry, you'll get your turn with the Dan....

Anonymous said...

That was NOT once!

Emma also knows where you're headed anyhow and only tells you off 'cos you stay 5 minutes from her house without even telling her you're down here!


Posh Totty said...

I know where you are going to ;o)

and just for the record if you stayed only 5 mins from my house and didnt pop in to say hi, Id do more than tell you off ;o)

Anonymous said...

Haha, very funny....you s***!!!

Anonymous said...

Daisy thinks you should come visit pompey