Why'd It Have To Be Snakes...

Before I head to bed for the night, and seeing as it's after midnight, I really should post this.

I have a friend who has a couple of snakes they are looking to rehome. And when I say "snakes" I mean "bloody great lengths of satanic death serpents" being as that they are snakes... *shudder*

There are two snakes that need new homes BUT while my friends don't want to put a price on them, you will need to make an offer. Assuming you want them ;)

  • Snake #1- 6ft Gold Ball Python, with a tank on a stand
  • Snake #2- 10ft Albino Burmese Python, with a tank but no stand
If you are genuinely interested, and would like to make a serious offer, let me know and I will pass on their info to you. Obviously, you'll either need to live nearby or be willing to travel. If they don't get rehomed, then I think they are heading off to a zoo or something. They have names - I seem to think one is called Hufflepuff, but not sure. The family have kids ranging from 7 or 8, up to 16 or so.

If you have questions, ask me and I can either find out or pass you on :)

See the things I do for my friends... Blergh!

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6 Responses to “Why'd It Have To Be Snakes...”

Em's way said...

If only I lived closer .......and yes I am deadly serious! They make great pets Dan ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a question. How do they drive the tanks, when they don't have any hands?

Posh Totty said...

Would you hand deliver one?

Anonymous said...

Can you barbecue them?

Nancy Jensen said...

Why is the family getting rid of them? Because children ages 1 - 7 are currently missing?!? GAH!

I've always told Karl that if he ever got snakes as pets there would be two little girls moving out. Jessica and ME! *shudder*

Nancy Jensen said...

many years ago I had a neighbor who had a python that was over 7 ft long. She lived by herself and we all lived in a TERRIBLE neighborhood. I mean, seriously, police helicopters shining their lights in our neighborhood almost every night, several arrests right in front of our apartment and one neighbor getting shot to death, etc. Well, my friend Kathy would walk out to get her mail every day with that huge snake draped around her. Nobody bothered her while she was walking around, that's for sure!

(the story about our neighbor being shot to death was horrible - it was domestic violence and I had to testify at the trial. Of course that can happen in any neighborhood but it was an experience I'll never forget.)