In The Dead of the Night

There's one thing I never really managed to get to grips with in my life. Since my teenage years, I've never gone to bed and slept right through. Don't get me wrong, occasionally I will go to bed and not wake up till I have to, but most nights I take ages to get to sleep, wake up all night on and off, and then finally, when I need to get up, I don't want to.

Last night, however, I was pretty much blown awake by... Well, I don't know what. I was on the phone to my pretty little lady till late, and fell asleep fairly quickly - I was knackered. Then for no reason at all, I woke up with a shock.

You know when something is just wrong and you need to find out what. I didn't know if I had heard something out of place, if I had caught a strange smell, if I had had a bad dream... Something was wrong and not what it should have been.

So I ran up the stairs - literally ran UP to the kids rooms. Both asleep, snoring, quiet, comfy. OK, so not them. Checked their windows - not that I suspected someone to be tapping on the third story window of a house - but all fine. Plodded back downstairs - avoided the crazy driver on the landing - and checked all the doors and windows of the house. Nothing, all locked, closed (or open a bit for the small windows) and secure.

The dog was sound asleep on the sofa doing the Possessed By Demons shit with her eyes, rolled back into her head, so she'd obviously been asleep for a while. Dipstick was curled up on my chair and gave me a "What time do you call this" look. Bast was asleep on the dogs bed in the hall and just watched me go by.

Nothing in the house was wrong, strange, out of place... But the sense of foreboding I had was palpable. I very nearly picked up the phone and called a couple of people, but held fire. I hate my phone ringing in the dead of night - it scares me as it's always bad news. The last thing I wanted to do was inflict that on someone else.

I went back to bed and took ages to settle down again - half four, the last time I looked at the clock. I was waiting for something to happen, and nearly crapped the bed when Tam appeared at my door and wanted to get in bed with me at three.

I feel fine again this morning. Tired, knackered, but no bad feeling. Quite often when I get a bad feeling, there is usually a reason, so watch this space...

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3 Responses to “In The Dead of the Night”

debbie said...

Any Chance you were dreaming hun? what ever it was it sounded scary stuff and I would never have got back of to sleep again either,,

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Dan, I always tend to know when something bad is gonna happen, but its not a feeling as such for me, it is something very perculiar, I start seeing the number 46 everywhere, and over the years it has become apparant to me that I only see this number when something bad is on the horizon (I used to think it was my lucky number but I think the opposite now), I started seeing it a couple of weeks before me and Rich split up, so thats how I knew something was brewing, and I am still seeing it on a daily basis now, so I'm expecting more crap coming my way (I was layed off from my little job yesterday for the next 2 weeks). Hopefully it will piss off and leave me alone sometime soon.
I am in no way a believer of anything religious, but it makes me wonder if there is summat strange going on around me lol.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I get that feeling sometimes as well. It's usually because a snake is slithering between my legs. I do hope your premonition will remain unfulfilled. Perhaps you'll just get a zit on your nose or something.