Chilling Out

With me being here with Kellie, we're having a nice quiet evening.  You may notice, of course, that I am on the computer blogging.  Well, yes, but we ARE chilling.  Kellies son isn't here, but as it's her best friends birthday, we have her kids over for the night.

The three young ones (Kellies one, Kerrys two) are in bed, and currently, Kellie and Kerrys oldest are on the PS2 playing Need for Speed of some kind.

We're pretty much sorted for our weekend away - clothes are ready to be packed, once ironed, and there's no sign of stress or hassle, nor any of my usual "OMG I forgot....!" so we're just chilled, relaxed and everything else.

Tomorrow we're going to finish packing everything (bar the wash kits of course), then poodle into town, get a few bits that Kellie needs, then nip to Kerrys where I'm on Computer Repair Duty, then it's back here, chill some more, early night, then early morning to head up to Great Yarmouth.

And more importantly - I am wearing a shirt AND trousers when we're out.... ME!

Friday night we're heading to a bar, Saturday night we're going to a casino, with whatever other activities during the days we are there - then Sunday we come home and Monday I go home to grab the wee ones back again.

The last couple of days I've felt like I've been bumped by a heavy good vehicle - I've got an all-over ache going on which isn't nice, but I'm getting on with it as best I can. My ankle is still tender but usable, my bac kis sore, my legs are killing me - even my hands are aching.

Other than that, things are quiet and relaxed which is all good, and once again I am being looked after.

For those with too much free time and up for a chuckle on Facebook - I've created a Fan Page for 0ddness.  Yes yes, very anally retentive and probably a little bit "Ooooh look at me!" but I had half an hour to kill yesterday and that was the result. If you're on Facebook, you can find the page Here! Feel free to post stuff and piss around on there..

Not like you need inviting to do so, but you know ;)

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4 Responses to “Chilling Out”

Anonymous said...

Your "bac kis sore?" That's a new one - like I used to call my work colleagues my cow-workers!

I use long-lasting (12 hour) ibuprofen and it usually does the trick. Will stop now, everything I'm trying to write can be taken two ways and may be misinterpreted.

Have fun in Great Yarmouth

Posh Totty said...

Pedantic Dan makes a mistake .... hehehehe love it :oP

GreenCastle said...

Hi, back again.... hope all is well in Dans world... spent over a week in hospital :o( Sucky...

Stay safe my friend

Dan said...

Scatterbrain: Sadly, this MANLY author is allergic to Ibuprofen. Otherwise, my typos are to be expected till the spell-check function is repaired ;)

Posh: I have many many items screen-shotted in order to shush you...

Mr Green: Have been getting your updates via Kellie - sorry you've been so poorly matey... But yay for free morphine ;)