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A nice simple one: do a Google search for "Yourname needs" and paste the first ten results!

Dan needs:
  • Your Help
  • Life Support
  • 4 peices of tape
  • Cake
  • Tech Support
  • All of 2560x1600 pixels on Flickr
  • Your help to answer tough questions
  • A new car
  • To prove more
  • To learn he can't have other people do his fucking job and have his favorites slack off.
I tag ya'll ;)

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4 Responses to “Tagged: Needs”

Anonymous said...

Cassandra needs:

*some major plastic surgery or something....
*a sexual concubine to make her feel better
*no introduction
*to make a phone call
*some SERIOUS therapy
*someone that will establish clear rules
*to pee, urgently
*to recharge her spirit
*to figure out how she can be a writer

interesting. at least 8/10 of these are true.

Posh Totty said...

Had a right laugh doing this one, thanks

My results are on my blog ;o)

Anonymous said...

Mel needs:

- help
- less passion for the spirit
- to repair her iPod / Facebook
- focus on herself and heal
- a video phone
- to handle the sales end while someone else runs the company
- a laptop computer
- something from ya
- you
- a home

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

hmmm daisy needs is apparently a song lol
other than that i need:

to repair my phone line
A home
and Dr Daisy needs to help her ailing friends

Gail needs:

- to ask for her drinks the same time that she is asking when the bar is open then she might be served more promptly (this one made me laugh most)
- free dating
- to speed up her pc
- a knife
- to grow up and address reality
- Paul & ramsey street
- to separate its gas trading business from gas transmission activities
- time
- to spend more

hmm the knife sounds good about now lol