Musical Monday #74 - Doomsday

I decided, after a rather long Musical Monday absence of two months (oops) to do a bit of music that isn't actually a song.

Recently, I've been watching Doctor Who and the spin-off series, Torchwood.  I'm fairly sure most of you will be aware of the former, and if you're not sure about the later, think X-Files in England.  Sort of.  Only a bit more grown up, shall we say.

Anyways, this track is from an episode of Doctor Who that I've never actually seen all the way through - though I think I'm getting closer to it on my list.  It's a quite haunting bit of music, titled "Doomsday" from the episode of the same name.  After a bit of rooting around, I found it's by a chap named Murray Gold, who apparently does most of the Doctor Who/Torchwood music - and if you get the chance, have a look for Doctor Who at the Proms.


NB: Having some issues with my ISP, so this may or may not publish on Monday... Never mind :)

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One Response to “Musical Monday #74 - Doomsday”

GreenCastle said...

Love It.....

Also this particular episode of Dr Who is amazing..... Well worth the watch...

Stay safe and well..