Catching Up Still

Still trying to catch up with the "What's Been Occurring" posting, all while trying to stay awake...

Yes folks, in a shocking turn of events - not - your beloved blogger is knackered.  Tired, shattered, exhausted.  Yay for me!  Still, it's not all bad - I'm watching through Firefly again.  If you've never seen it, how very dare you.  Get hold of it and watch it!

So anyway, what else is happening.  Well, once again, I've torn through my garden, fighting the evils of Japanese Knotweed.  It's gotten to the stage where I'm kinda sorta getting used to it.  While it's alive and green it IS quite pretty.  Were it not for the "Growing Through the Fence and Pushing it Down" nor "Tearing Through the Shed Flooring" it wouldn't be so bad.  Not to mention that it is growing through the neighbours patio.  That's concrete, people...

Still, the garden isn't perfect, but it's now available for kids to roam into without getting eaten by the monsters at the end...

Meanwhile... Back on Canvey...

One evening, we were sat chilling out on the sofa.  It was one of the really really hot sweaty days, and the evening wasn't much better.  All the windows were open, and it was still hot.  We kept hearing something out back - fireworks and stuff - and with all the windows open it was reeeeeally annoying.

Ten minutes later, Dom comes flying down the stairs,"Call the fire brigade, Call the fire brigade!"

Turns out the sound we heard wasn't fireworks.  Some smart inbred git opted for setting fire to a garage full of rubbish.  Marvellous.  So, Kellie hits the 999 and calls for some hunky men to come running, I nip out and knock on the neighbours doors to make sure it's not their garage burning away.

Plus side, it wasn't the neighbours garage.  Down side, the little old lady next door was very worried, as her car was in the garage two away from the inferno.  Being a little old lady, she decided to run out to check.  Lucky for her, I was there and stopped her walking out into the black smoke.  Crazy old lady with lung problems in nasty black smoke.  Not good.

Within a few minutes, the Big Red Fire Engines arrived and started getting the fire out.  Kellie and one of her neighbours were in Kellies garden and much to their dismay, the firemen came in to talk to me.  Two young women, watching men in uniform and not close enough to be happy.

As it turns out, the smoke wasn't just nasty black smoke, the roof of the garage was actually Asbestos.  Nice.  Glad we stayed out of that too.  Little Old Ladys car was fine, though the fire did spread to another garage, they lads got the fire out nice and fast.

Now I'm dozing again, so more to follow :D

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One Response to “Catching Up Still”

Posh Totty said...

Oi!!! you have pics of the garden and pics of the burnt garages, where the hell are the pics of the firemen?