Musical Mon-Tuesday #92 - Saturday Night

Ahh the heading days of the early nineties.  When you could "write a song" if you could press a button to a certain rhythm, save it then just repeat it over and over.  Hell, I could have done it...

OK, maybe not.  I have the rhythm of a epileptic possum on a power line.  But none the less, this music was the bane of  the nineties.

However.  I have to admit that I did like this music.  I was a techno-head.  OK, granted, I was also a metal-head and a rocker, but I liked this too.  Dance, Trance, Rave...  All good stuff.

Everyone dance!

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One Response to “Musical Mon-Tuesday #92 - Saturday Night”

The Sween! said...

You have to put the vid for I Want To Be A Hippy by Technoheads on for next Monday!