It's Bigger On The Inside...

Nope, I'm talking Doctor Who, nor his TARDIS. Frankly, this puts the big blue box to shame. Granted, the Tardis had a library and a pool, but it is NOTHING compared to a womans purse. No, not the actual handbag - that's a whole different kettle crazy...

Kellie had just emptied her purse out, and this is just the rubbish that came out... It's still heaving with reward cards and club cards and bank cards to the point of explosion, but still, how much shite can you woman force into such a small space??

And I know what most of you just thought.. I will NOT bend over to rest that theory.

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One Response to “It's Bigger On The Inside...”

Posh Totty said...

I think you need to buy Kellie a new bag so she has more room for her precious belongings her bag obviously isn't big enough if she is needing to clear it out ;o)