We <3 Hospitals (not)

This morning, Miss Kellie had to have a blood test. Finally, her new GP is listening to what she's worried about and referred her to the Phlebotomy clinic. All good.

So first thing this morning we trundled to Basildon Hospital, get to the blood testing department and sat to wait for an hour... Every old person in the planet had THEIR blood tests first thing too.

Bloodshed done, we head into town and have coffee with Diane and Dave, get some shopping and head home. Being that my body is doing its famous "you are feeling sleepy... VERY sleepy" schtick once more, we had lunch and I flaked out in the sofa.

5pm the phone rings and it's the GP. Kellie blood test came back with a very very high Triglyceride reading which isn't good.


So he tells Kellie to get up to A&E for another urgent test. Great. So we bundle the girls on the bus and get to the hospital. Assuming someone will take blood and that'll be that, we were surprised that we had to go through Triage.

The nurse in triage was confused as apparently she'd never heard of them there Tri-thingiemajiggs. But, she took the blood and then said we had to WAIT. But not to worry, they only took an hour an a half to send results through.


So by my reckoning, 7.40pm would be results o clock. By 8pm we're getting antsy, so I ask for a rough ETA.

"oooh 90 minutes for results is VERY optimistic..."

Still, apparently there were only two other patients in front of us. Shouldn't be long.

Bare in mind we've currently got the girls with us, bored out their tiny female skulls, and now up past their bed time. Also bare in mind I'm tired and grumpy sat on uncomfortable chairs.

Nine o clock, the doctor calls us in, pretty much as confused as we are as to why we're here. She confirms that, yes, the triglyceride reading us REALLY high, but it isn't something they'd sort in Casualty.

Oh, and the results still weren't there, but... We didn't have to wait for them, especially as the doctor that needed the emergency test wouldn't be in his surgery anyway.

So, to sum up... Kellies has weird numbers in her bloods. They don't know why. We didn't need to sit up in A&E all bloody evening. The doc is sure Kellies body is doing something strange, but it's up to the GP to figure it out.

And we've not even had dinner yet.

Location : Basildon, Essex SS16 5GX,
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2 Responses to “We <3 Hospitals (not)”

Nancy Jensen said...

Wow, you and Kellie aren't having a very good time of things lately, have you? That's too bad that you had to wait in the ER all evening for NOTHING.

I read that having too high of triglycerides means that there is too much fat in the blood. Here's a bit of info:


I can see why they would want her to follow up but not go to ER! "These measurements should be made after an overnight food and alcohol fast." Good think it's not you 'cuz going that long without the alcohol might be a bit much for ya, right? OK, my lame attempt at some humor.

Hang in there and hope Kellie is doing ok. I haven't gotten my blood work done in awhile but I'm going next month. ((hugs)) to you both!

Dan said...

This is the most amusing part of it all darlin - she WAS fasting with that first test. We had dinner at 8pm the night before, but aside from some water, she had nothing till AFTER the blood test. They only ask for ten hours of fasting, but by the time we got out, got up there and got seen, it was 14 hours with no food or drink (except the afore-mentioned water) so the levels SHOULD have been quite low.

Just waiting on the GP to get his brain out his suitcase and see what the next step is now.

And I would have carried on drinking all night long, staggered in, pulled my trousers down and presented my arse. "Get yer blood from there woman!" followed by a belch, and collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Never again ;)