Uncovering The Truth...

Curiosity killed the cat.  They say that.  Though I am never sure who "they" is... Are.  Er...

Still, prying into things can often end in tears, and last night was no exception.  See, Kellie has this box, usually locked and tucked "out-of-the-way"  I've asked about it before, but she's always laughed and dismissed it in various ways.

I'm assuming it's always been stored the way it's stored in a hope that it'll be un-noticed and forgotten, but being a nosey sort, it only spurs me further into knowing what's in it.

Late last night, I was struggling to sleep, and there, on top of the wardrobe I could see the box.  Kellie was snoring and I decided I needed to know what was in it...

Armed with a sharp knife, a bit of string and - of all things - some vaseline, I quietly slid the box off the cupboard and set to opening it downstairs.  It took ages but eventually I got it open.  I'm now not sure if I did the right thing, mainly because, it didn't actually answer any questions, it just posed more.

Inside were three passports - same photo, all different names.

All Kellie.

Added to this was €5000, £6000 and $3000.  Considering we're saving for a wedding, I couldn't understand why she was hiding so much money.  And the passports?

The only other items in the box were some paperwork, but like everything else inside, it made no sense to me what so ever.  So, I'm now staying at a friends, because I don't know what to do.  Except, maybe some of you might understand the papers... Click them to make them full size.







Can anyone out there shed any light on what this stuff is?  Personally, I can't make head nor tail of it.  If you can help, please let me know.

(ps, some of this may be a complete fabrication, but the papers still stand! Kellie knows what they are, but she's not telling, so come on brain-boxes, get translating!)

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2 Responses to “Uncovering The Truth...”

Kellie said...

I did say not to look!!!!!.... you realise now I am going to have to kill you.... mwahahahahaha....xx

Sage said...

Going by some of the clues about it being a room, I would guess at a game.. but apart from Myst and Myst II I haven't played many games on my PC.