Theme Music Of The Day...

Waaay back in October, I mentioned in a blog post about having music stuck in my head on a daily basis.  Not "every now and then" not "here and there" but every day.  And if it's not music, it'll be a random phrase or even a line from a book.

To try and map out my mentalness any patterns, I started to blog it all, but due to life going "WHEEEEEEEEEEE!" i the latter part of last year, it kinda fell to the wayside.  The songs have still been there, I've just not jotted them down anywhere.

Yesterday, fellow blogger Adullamite (who you should really check out!) posted that he too often wakes up with very random stuff banging on the inside of his skull.  I feel for him, as his song du jour was Bucks Fizz yesterday which is probably some kind of torture for anyone.

America, consider yourself lucky you didn't have to suffer THAT...

I've been poking around on Google trying to see if there's any reason, cause or anything that would make this happen.  Some people have gone with "You must have heard that song earlier" and others "you need to listen to more music"

I DID come across something called "Earworm" which sounds grim, but isn't anything relating to worms.  However, the various descriptions I've found relating to it all state it's a part of a song repeating over and over.  Other things include hearing "music" that isn't any song they know, just tunes and notes in the brain.  Neither of those descriptions are not what I nor Adullamite have - it's entire songs in the head.

I can safely say it isn't because I've heard a song playing and it's stuck.  Granted, sometimes it's a song that is popular, but quite often it's songs that I have entirely forgotten have even existed.  Today, I am mentally listening to The Connells - '74-'75, yesterday it was Tears for Fears - Shout, and before that... Well, before that was I song I can barely remember today.  Former Supermodel/Actress/Amazonian Grace Jones released a couple of songs in the '80s, and this one, Slave to the Rhythm, was wedged in the cortex on Tuesday.

Of those three songs, I love the first.  The second doesn't do anything for me, I was never a big fan, but the Grace Jones one... It was released in 1985, making me nine, and I can hardly remember it. But on Tuesday, I could hear the song perfectly, as though it were coming through a radio.

So why is my brain spitting out music like a pub jukebox stuck on shuffle?

Anyways, hopefully with things being a little quieter now, I will get back to posting on the other blog for this very reason, Stuck In My Head

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4 Responses to “Theme Music Of The Day...”

Anonymous said...

A few times I have heard unknown music while dreaming. These tunes have always been so good that to remember them and translate to paper would be profitable. Unfortunately, I can never remember them and even if I could I haven't the gift to recover the harmony as well as the melody.

FeltByRae said...

I find I wake up with a song in my head quite often, I've always wondered if my brain tunes into some radio station as I sleep! I've tried switching the radio on as soon as I wake but haven't tracked down which station I pick up yet

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