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I have been blogging a long time... A very long time. I was using Blogger before it was owned by Google, back as far as 1999/2000 or so.  Even before THAT, I was using something that completely escapes me - I remember it had a number in the title, but that was about it.

Over the years, I have been told "try this" or "don't use blogger, this is better" and I have played around with various other popular blogging platforms - Wordpress and Livejournal amongst others.  But I have always loved Blogger.

When they changed from "Old Blogger" to "New Blogger" I had lots of problems with my templates and layout and stuff as a lot of it was customised, but I persevered through it and after a while I prefered "New Blogger" to "Old Blogger"  As they've added more and more functionality to it, I have always used the "Blogger in Draft" as I like to fiddle with the new feature, knobs and whistles as they are released.  Sometimes I like a new feature, other times, I hate it and don't use it.

Over the last couple of days, they've announced a funky new thingiemajig called Dynamic Views, which are all very very pretty and flashy, but I don't think I like them.  At least, most of them.  There's a release here on Blogger Buzz all about it.  If you're a blogger, it might be worth checking out.  The video is worth a watch too, though I THINK (but can't be sure) it's not working properly with custom domain names...

At least, I couldn't get it to work, that is...

Of all the views available, I quite like the one called Timeslide.  All the others seem more useful for photo-blogs, and not "Blogs of random inane blatherings" as this one is.  But I am sure there are more views in the pipeline..

As for the future of Blogger, they released this very interesting video at SXSW last month, that has lots of "Coming Soon" snippets in it:

I like the look of the new Control Panel and Posting Layout stuff, so hopefully that will be out sooner rather than later. There's more about it on here on Blogger Buzz.

I love me my Blogger. I've tried the other stuff out there, but never really gotten on with it, and never really left here. Granted, I've not always been HERE on blogger, but I am here to stay now, and glad I never wandered off to play with those other kids! If you've been a blogger user in the past, but left for pastures new, try coming back and playing with everything, see what happens!!

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