Basildon - Seaside Resort

Global Warming.  I can honestly say I don't give it that much thought.  Yes, it's happening (well, depending on who you listen to of course!) and yes, the ice caps will melt, the tides will rise and so on and so on.

I'm not saying I don't care about global warming - Polar Bears are good swimmers, but they're not THAT good - but I don't sit wondering what my deodorant is doing to the atmosphere.  I recycle my junk amongst the different bags and boxes, I don't leave taps running, I don't leave lights on (the kids, however...), low-fill toilet, economical electrical goods - I like to think I'm doing my little bit here and there.

However, while blindly bumping around online yesterday, I cam across a site with a Google Maps thingie built in to guesstimate new coastlines and such like.  Where we are, we're on what I think is "high ground" in that, if there's a gap, you can look out and DOWN across areas like the Thames Estuary and across to Kent.  From my roof, on a clear day I can see Canary Wharf in London.

And I am now glad that I DO live on high ground, but am no longer convinced I should be saving the environment.  If the caps melt, and the sea levels rise, I will be a ten minute walk from the sea front.  Check out this image - you'll need to clicky it to embiggen it, but still:

Now, you see that "X" top-middle-ish?  That's home, just off Timberlog Lane.  At the end of Timberlog Lane, you'll walk down part of Clay Hill Road, and then be at the seaside!

You can check out where you are going to be living in the future - either safe and sound, or in a pineapple under the sea - by checking out this site.

As an interesting aside, Canvey Island - where Kellie used to live - is a very low, reclaimed-land island, and once the tide comes in, it'll just be another spot of water in the Estuary.  So not only is she reeeeally lucky to have me, I will now also repeatedly point out to her that I saved her life.  Go me.

(We won't mention that this is the levels predicted for the year 2100)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some aerosols to let off, and some fridges to smash open.

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3 Responses to “Basildon - Seaside Resort”

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Better blow my armbands up then.... :\
Diane. x

Dan said...

hehehe Wrap loads and loads of paddling pools around your foundations... Tide comes in, house floats!

Posh Totty said...

Pretty safe here in Poshville, but look forward to taking our holidays in sunny Basildon on sea hehe!! best get ironing those pillow cases ready for our arrival ;o)