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I've had a Twitter account for several years now.  I seem to come and go on it, and even while I am on a "Using It" phase at the moment, I'm still not entirely sure it's as great as everyone makes out to be.  I think it's just me, to be honest, but still, for the time being, I am on there.

I DID notice the other day, that I actually have two Twitter accounts.  Oops.  The one I use is the one I link to over there on the right, @0dd1 or by clicking this link.

But anyway, I digress.  The point of this post is for me to share with you blogs that I think you may well enjoy.  I will be adding them to the Blog Roll down on the right over there too, but think I might as well let you know when I find/am shown blogs that catch my interest.

As this is something I've only just thought about doing, the list is currently only a couple long, but none the less, they ARE interesting blogs, but NO, as is usual for me, I am not paid to link them, I don't get anything for linking them, and you don't have to visit them if you don't want.  BUT you should.  Go say HI! They are new blogs for the most part, so you don't have to trawl through months or years of Archives to catch up ;)

Pink Oddy: Yep, she's Odd.  but with an O not a 0. She's "of the same wavelength" judging by some of the conversations on Twitter too!

Living With LC: A new dad, blogging about the conception and birth of his first child. I LOVE seeing the Dad-Perspective of things, it make a nice change!

Like I say, go have a lookie-see at their blogs and say howdy, they're both brilliant :)

For everyone else on my blog-rolls, please be aware that in the next little while, I am going to be "clearing up" which means if you blog is private, very out of date, or deleted, then I am going to be shuffling it off the list.  So expect to see that list a little shorter later.  If you've moved your blog, please let me know the new URL, as again, dead links will be removed.

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4 Responses to “Twitterers & Bloggers”

Neil B said...

Thanks for the mention, really appreciate it :)

Dan said...

More than welcome Neil :)

PinkOddy said...

Aww thank you very much :0)

Dan said...

You're welcome too :D