Ahhh StatCounter...

Long have I been a user and, indeed, fan of my StatCounter. I don't rely on it, I don't stress over the numbers of people visiting or not visiting my blog, but use it just to be nosy.

See, I like knowing where people are coming from globally, I like seeing employees for big companies looking at my blog, I like knowing that there's some person in the middle of nowhere reading, but most importantly, I like finding out HOW people find 0ddness.

It's no secret - there's a tag in the cloud over there specifically for this very reason.  Over the years, I've done posts on people finding 0ddness in the most disturbing manner, and have even occasionally slapped up their IP Address and location for the world to see what gross thing you are hunting for - and, for some reason - believe you will find it here.

But I digress.  A twitter conversation with @CharleighBest this morning prompted me to have a lookie-see at what's been happening in the wonderful world of search, and I've decided to just go BLAM and plonk out all the most recent search terms.  Some of them are quite boring, but some are - as usual - very interesting...  For your viewing pleasure, I've bolded the more interesting ones. As usual, there are LOTS of people hunting for Gimme Gizmo/DRW Ltd - that information will be back on here once I've finalised some hosting stuff.

Anyways, one list, for your viewing pleasure, with bad words "censorsed" a little bit.
dye for eye test
how longs does it take leek to spoil
drw ltd
wii sex toy
what size headboard bolts do i need
big hippo
gimme gizmo uk
federal ministry of works cantract award cer
chav scum
sore red penis do i need doctor
gimme gizmo head office
red bumps in the palm of hands n sole of feet , it doesn't hurt what is it?
0ddness blog
person banging their head against a brick wall
kings nightclub canvey
m and d's theme park scotland
dali elephants
salvador dali elephants
dali elephants
how to fold your cat
amarjit nahal
rude christmas cards
gimme gizmo news
gimme gizmo
zombie soldier
f**k my mum illegal
God help me....I am becoming an avid fb poker
happy birthday to my little angel
tweenie shoes
in love with my gran
contract completion certificate form
salvador dali elephants
funny verruca
magazine article template
will i get money from ivory coast
list of all people in rockstar video
tarja turunen on vacation
"photobucket.com/albums" "cleavage" OR "bewbs" OR "boobs" "me"
wednesday butt crack bloggapedia
kanada's death part 2
Jenna Westerbeck sunbathing
china take away
in love with someone i just met online internet marriage
girls vs boys quotes
big hippo
dan english essex
gimme gizmo wakefield
rhod gilbert
zombie soldier costume
rhod gilbert girlfriend
grany bastard
queen i want to break free
hippo big
dali elephants
how much to see your boobs
tagged questions
we dont just embrace insanity here
prodigy invaders must die
gimme gizmo head office number
yaris sr
things that get you wet
i don't do my paper round
girls vs boys quotes
salvador dali
mouthwash "powered by blogger" -blogspot.com
sony ericsson tube speaker w995
sex big booty ass
gimme gizmo employee
armin van buuren's banners
flow chart photocopier
bounty head
drug dealer basildon
weebls waffle shirt
what is the most boring job you can imagine
contract certificate
award certificates pixar
broken washing machine switch
gimme gizmo
gimme gizmo staff
gimme gizmo complaints
girl vs boy quotes
gimme gizmo shutting down
example of flowchart in pop quiz
i took a blue  x tacy pill with a monkey  what are the side effects
thins that make you wet
fat tapeworm
doing a paper round
gimme gizmo shutting down
real boobies
Friday 13,2000
comedy and curry at the cliffs pavilion
Have Fun Go Mad - Tweenies
do you iron pillow cases
Comedy Magazine Articles
"Fw: Fwd: Fwd: fwd"
what time are you closing
dear genitals
We ask that you allow at least 72 hours for the case to be investigated and we strongly recommend to
big thick jumper
Now, SOME of these items are actual blog posts or content of blog posts I've made in the past, some of them are comprised from different things mashed together. OK, most of them are like that, that's how the search thing works. However, getting all these things together makes some disturbing results... For instance, people in love with their gran, people wanting sex with their mum, side effects of a certain ecstacy tablet... Just.. Wow...

If you find yourself bored and want similar shenanigans, then I suggest installing StatCounter and having a blast (Like I do!)

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2 Responses to “Ahhh StatCounter...”

InsomniacMedic said...

Heh! I do exactly the same! I love seeing what kind of crazy searches people do to hit my blog, although I have to admit yours are WAY better... :)

Paul Garrard said...

I also do the same. Have done for a number of years. It provides hours of endless fun and has provided me with an imaginary friend (well sort of). But never tire of being amazed by people's weirdness.