Bloody Song!

As I have mentioned once or twice on 0ddness, it is a very common occurrence for me to have a song stuck in my head. Sometimes it's a bit of a song, sometimes it's an entire song. It can be a song I like or a song I hate. My brain is not fussed.

Earworm, is the correct term, as discovered last year after pottering around on Ze Google for a while. I'd be lying if I said my head is usually devoid of something playing, and the kids have caught on to this and most days ask what song is stuck in the old grey noodle.

This morning at approximately 0602 while I was leaving the bedroom, my head starting playing one such song, and now, at 0033 it is STILL playing. I had a quiet morning - song played over and over. I had a busy afternoon - song carried on. We went to the Future 0dd Mother in Law - carried on there too. Late evening, while chilling, it carried on over and around and over...

So, with just under thirty minutes left in MY day, I decided to share it with you, dear reader. Those of you on normal timezone probably won't hear this till the morning, and HOPEFULLY most of you will suffer as much as I have for eighteen hours.

Those of you outside the UK, there's a good chance the only time you have ever heard of Right Said Fred is with their song I'm Too Sexy... This one, I can honestly say, I have not heard for years. Years and years. Yet here it is, running around in the noggin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Deeply Dippy...

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2 Responses to “Bloody Song!”

Posh Totty said...

Oh great, Thanks Dan, I am going to be singing that to myself all night now.

My Mum used to love Right Said Fred with a passion and when she grew out of it I was pleased and hoped I would never have to endure it again ... Until now!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear! Reminds me of my mum too!