Brilliant Reporting (Again)

Very brief post as I don't know how long this story will remain on Sky News for before it's edited... However. Some sleazy reporter borrowed a police horse or something, and the Prime Minister said he probably rode on it.

Now, I get there are probably undertones of corruption and stuff - but I don't care. Politicians & Reporters all seem to be a bit flexible with the truth.

Not the point of this post.

Here is the link, but I have screenshots in case it's changed.


Obviously, it's a Clicky to Embiggen situation.

Here is the part that made me genuinely LOL my little heart out:

 READ that caption. "A Typical Horse"

Who the buggery needs a picture of "A Typical Horse" ?!  But it gets better - usually you read left to right, and look at the images, left to right, as you would in a comic, correct. In which case, top left is David Cameron, Top Right is Charlie Brooks, Bottom Left is Rebekah Brooks, Bottom Right is A Typical Horse.

Clearly the simple things in life amuse me too much!

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One Response to “Brilliant Reporting (Again)”

sospirando said...

That is priceless.
This gets better and better.
Shows what happens when journalists write on the hoof. Sorry!!!
A real person :)