Fourteen Already?

Another year goes by, and once again, I am made to feel like an old man. Older, as the case may be.

He's been a teenager for the last year, and so far, I've managed not to kill him, so really, today is a different mile-stone too.

He has grown into a smart, funny, cocky and contrite little man, with a wicked sense of humour... Granted, trying to get him to do anything some days is a mission in and of itself, but he gets there in the end.

Now, however, I know he is of the age that he reads over 0ddness every now and then, and know that he probably reads it cringing slightly at how uncool I actually am...

I wonder, however, if he's worked out that someone entering "Jaysen English" in a search engine will actually bring them to 0ddness - and the plethora of photos of him being, well... Him.
To My Not-So-Little-Any-More Jaysen,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're 14 already... It really does feel like not-so-long-ago that I was changing your nappies, sharing your photo around the office, and making you bottles in the dead-of-night.

I know you've had your ups and downs over the years, but I know that you've rolled with everything life has thrown at you, and you've not let the crap beat you, but you've learned from it and grown, adapting to every change easier than I ever thought - or more so, wished - possible.

I hope today is a great day for you - OK, yes, despite you having to be at school - and that the next year continues to see you going on to bigger and better things.

Again, happy birthday my little man. You'll always be my little man, and I will always be here to embarrass you - especially when you least expect it!

All my love,

(Yes, Daddy.)
The Great Ketchup War

Abroad somewhere, feeding ducks in PJs

The Clear Panel in the Baby Cage

Posing Little Man

Evil Boy

Us, lunching at The British Museum

British Museum, Dalek Prototype #1


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