Time Out

Dear 0ddness, it has been many many weeks since I wrote on you properly, and for that I deeply apologise. I don't know if people still check in here to see if I have actually done anything, and I don't know if people still blog anymore... Surely Facebook hasn't killed blogging?

But I digress. And, I apologise. I apologise for being away and neglecting my pages, and I apologise because this is going to be a rant. My time away from 0ddness was partly self-imposed, and partly because.. Well.. People were complaining. Complaining about 0ddness, complaining about my Facebook, and complaining about my Twitter.

When I say complaining, it wasn't a "Dear Author, this content is..." comment or anything like that, but people were making snide shitty comments. "You're always moaning on your blog" or "Why do you always have to complain about your medical stuff" or even "That picture/link/song you wrote about sucked..."

After a while, all these comments got to me. I stopped using Twitter first - people hardly talked to me on there anyway, most of the content was just people retweeting someone elses content - which in turn was from someone else, or it was just boring. Some people you would mention or Tweet didn't even acknowledge you... Especially some attention-whoring celebrities. Why have a Twitter account and ignore everyone? And trying to have a conversation on there... I mean, 140 characters? I think anyone that gets a text from me knows I don't abbreviate, I don't take short cuts, and I don't do acronyms. So the 140 character thing got to me - especially trying to chat to someone.

Then it was the blog that took the next hit. Yes, I complained on here. Yes, my medical stuff was a common subject... But if people were complaining, I just couldn't be arsed to carry on. Not even a little bit.

Then came Facebook. People moaning I shared too many pictures. I updated my status too often. The stuff I shared was sexist or rude. I used bad words and people complained that their little ones saw it. So I only update my status once or twice a day at most. I share things that make me chuckle still, but I gloss over a lot of other things.

And then, this week, I had a shot of insight.

Who do you think you are to moan about my Twitter, or my Facebook, or worst of all, my Blog. It occurs to me that if you don't like the stuff on my pages, then YOU have to either block me, unfriend me, unfollow me or at worst - IGNORE me. I don't have a blog for your entertainment. I use 0ddness as my outlet. I use it to vent the stupid thoughts that I have running around my head. I use it to talk about how I feel physically, which parts of my body are screwing around and when. I use it to clear my head and try to avoid getting down and miserable - fighting depression is a hard battle, and 0ddness has always been my main therapist.

Sure, sometimes the stuff on here is mundane at best, but I do not make you read it. I do not tell you to read it or else. If you don't like it, I would much rather - instead of moaning at me (Ironically, about me moaning...) that you just went on your merry way.

As for my Facebook... If my status has a swearword in it, and you don't want 6 year old junior to see it... Er... Get 6 year old junior off of Facebook. It's a swear word - you might not use them, but I do. I always have done. Block me, or hide my updates if you don't want to see it. As for the pictures I post... It might be something funny, it might be a woman in a sexy dress, it might be something geeky, it might be something gross. There are plenty of tools on Facebook to hide me. And honestly, if you can't stand all the things I share, which show my sense of humour, or the mood I am, or what is on my mind - or anything else - that is part of me...

So why are you friends with me?

On both here and Facebook, if I find something interesting, or something that I think some of you will enjoy - even if it's only one other person that might like it - then I will hit share. If you don't like it, I am sorry, but I am not doing it for you. There are PLENTY of people on Facebook that share the same shit all the time, and then mutual friends share it over and over... There are so many things I don't like people posting, but you know what - I don't care. I scroll past, I don't bitch at them for sharing something I don't like... If everyone told everyone to not post things they don't like, Facebook would be a ghost town.

So, hopefully, from today, I will not be posting on here or Facebook or even Twitter to entertain you. I am here for myself. 0ddness has been around for MANY years, and has always been my outlet for ranting and venting and putting into words things that I struggle to vocalise. I am not a trained chimp here to please you, entertain you, or to only like things that are "normal".. I am who I am, and I like what I like.

If you can't accept that, then the problem is not with me. It's you.

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3 Responses to “Time Out”

Kim said...

Well said Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Dan. Your Blog rants have been missed here in deepest, darkest Cornwall. KBO as Churchill said!

Sue B

mimilu said...

Glad you are back Dan.Miss your musings when you take a break.Don't let em get you down.