of demons, lizards and injury

demons... got doom 3 yesterday, and while it starts a teeny bit slow (just so you can learn how to play it!) it soon jumps in with mindless violence, zombies and demonic beasties. it's very dark - you have a flashlight with you, but it's light or gun. light; you see what's where, what's coming and how big it is. gun; you can't see, and have to shoot blind. most of the areas are lit, but there are often power failures, plunging you into darkness - just as you catch the sound of something running at you... scary!

lizards... tore sacks of weeds out the back garden today, and as usual, life under the weeds if booming - unless you are grass, then forget about it. usually, we find umpteen slugs and snails, and several frogs and toads. today was no exception, and i am sure the slugs in our garden are some kind of mutant giant version - i found one that was "running" for it's life, probably eight inches long! found several frogs and toads, which we still have no idea where they come from - they were "posted" through the fence to the garden out back which has a massive rockery and pond going on - much better for them then our garden - after all, frogs don't tend to last against lawnmowers very well... Anyways - after pulling up a bundle of weeds earlier, i found a bloody great NEWT! how he got there, and where he came from is beyond me. next door have their pond raised, so there is no way he came from there (it's a fish-only pond, the walls prevent frogs and newts!). the garden out back only had their pond finished this spring, so it's not from there either. i took it indoors for the kids to see, and they were very impressed - so no doubt any newt in our garden will be automatically detected! hehehe

[Edit: After looking at several different webpages trying to find a decent image of one, I'm now not 100% it was a newt - maybe a common lizard... hehe ho hum!]

injury... not so much an "OWIE LOOK WHAT I DID" but more a culmination of a million stinging nettle stings, and a million bramble scratches. my arms from elbow to wrist are red, scratched and bumpy. doesn't hurt, just really tingling.

we had friends over last night - amber and ross, plus ambers kids - had a really good afternoon and evening, with me slaving over a hot cooker making a massive roast dinner. everything got eaten which is a plus, and everyone was thoroughly bloated afterwards! managed to finish the washing up this morning, but it took forever! i really should wash up as i go - but i never think of it THEN!

as for the three old hens - oh, and yes, your mum IS an old hen - all has been soooo quiet from them, it's almost like christmas. i've emailed blueyonder back and told them they are harmless, if old - but haven't heard from them yet - of course, being saturday, they are probably not in, so it's a nice quiet weekend to be had!

speaking of which - the troops have just gone to the park. i was going to go, but after ripping weeds screaming from their clutch of my garden, i've decided to take some pills, chill out and let the pain subside, then set about destroying some monsters! chaaarge!

And a final note - for she who laughed at our weather - the weather here is stunning! had a massive rainstorm for about two hours yesterday, but the weather here is glorius, and is going to stay that way for a while - well, for the weekend anyway! :)

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6 Responses to “of demons, lizards and injury”

Anonymous said...

hehehe...you call 'partly cloudy' stunning?? try cloudless sky...27degrees celsius and a slight breeze...oh and of course a few cold beers and the kids taken care of is a bonus as well...aaaahhhhh

Anonymous said...

as for those 3 old hens, we know you miss them... they light up your life! why aren't you posting anywhere? blueyonder got your fingers???

Anonymous said...

Dear 3 Hens,

We at the Henhouse Internet Abuse Team are dedicated to assisting customers of ourselves against any form of abuse. Our E-mail servers monitor the situation carefully of all incoming and outgoing traffic - that is, to and from our wonderful and loyal customers like yourselves.

When we notice increased traffic to or from a specific account, we monitor the situation and then take action.

We have noted from our records that one account using a Blueyonder IP address has been targetting your Email addresses and AOL accounts. At this time we are pondering an egg attack or maybe just a good pecking. We have not decided what the rotten evil little man should receive as of yet. But when we do, you shall be the second, third and fourth to know as the rotten evil little man will of course be the first!

We take the security of our Henhouse Network Platforms very seriuos, and believe this is the best course of action.

If you have any concerns or questions or any other ideas on how to get even, please contact me at 1 800 evil s**t hotline.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I hope I don't inheret the "old hen" gene

Anonymous said...

you are doomed.....you will one day be an old hen just like your mommy