March 20th

March is a pretty busy month for us. Birthdays at the start, birthdays in the middle, and the "important" dates at the end. And Gemmas birthday. Tam will be one, Gemma will be 30 or something, it's Mothers Day. Constant giving.

However, there is one date that should be observed by ALL. Ladies, let's face it, February 14th is YOUR day. Us guys aren't all that into flowers and cards and what not, and someone somewhere has developed a day for us.

Ladies and Gentleman, March 20th is Steak and a Blowjob Day. Yes yes, I know I am not normally one to come out with such crass and base things, but hey, everyone slips once in a while. And this IS important. Go read the site, take note, and make sure you obey the date. Or next Valentines Day, us men will just tut and shake out heads at you.

Anyways - having fun with Tam today - seems someone has been to our house with a tummy bug, and given it to her. Every one else is fine, but so far today - and bear in mind she's only been up 9 hours - we've had a dozen nasty nappies. I know who the culprit is - they turned up a couple of days ago and said "We've all had it, but I think we're better now." Great, thanks for that. I forgot how difficult it was trying to keep a baby (that doesn't want to drink) hydrated.

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2 Responses to “March 20th”

Minge said...

Which fate should apply to me? March 20th? February 14th?

Dan said...

Well, you could work it one of three ways:

1- Select one date, and stick with it.
2- Alternate each year - so this year, go for Feb14, next year, Mar20.
3- Get the best of both worlds...

Tough choice eh?