Football Fever

I hate football. I mean, I can't stand it, but know for a fact I am so far into the minority of this country it's not even funny. But I digress. We went to see Ruth this afternoon, see how she was faring after last night. She's fine as well, incidently. Anyway. We went around there at about 2pm. In typical "Saturday in the Summer" there were people out and about - walking up the street, driving off somewhere, walking the dog, kids in the park, neighbours on their front lawns having a laugh and a drink.

We got home at 3.50pm, and ten minutes later, I realised we'd left a bag at Ruths. Buggeration. So I went out to collect it - I stepped out at 4.05pm. I believe the world has ended, and every living soul has been eaten by martians. No cars, no walkers, no kids, no neighbours, just me. The only sound - football crowds on the TVs, the sounds drifting out onto the street through windows thrown open on this hot summers day.

But no people.

It was eerie. The country appears to have ground to a halt just because of a football match. I only know England are playing against Portugal because Jaysens homework on Friday (ie, yesterday) is to research some information about Portugal.

Call me un-patriotic or whatever, it's just a bloody game with twenty two chaps charging around after a lump of inflated leather. Of course, it's me against the English population of sixty million.

Edit/Update: Well, apparently England lost, so now the country will be all Boo Hoo Sad. All the people that knew England would win this world cup, all of you that were certain we'd bring home the big lump of gold, I can only say one thing..


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2 Responses to “Football Fever”

Alan Fisher said...

Your country didn't stand a chance, I'm afraid.

Rooney was red-carded, Beckham has a foot injury. Owen wasn't there for some reason.

Even if your country HAD beaten Portugal this evening then they couldn't have gone any further. I mean, look who they'dve been playing.

Moncrief Speaks said...

Dan, I agree. And at least I don't have to live amongst soccer -- er, football -- fans. Well, at least it's over for you now for a little while.