I Wanna Live THERE!

hehehe I was just catching up with the news and saw the name of a what sounds to be a grand old place to live. AP's "Odd News" has run a story about a guy in a chicken suit getting abuse. Fair enough - there are plenty of asshats in the world that would chuck fireworks at a guy in a costume. But that's neither here nor there.

The news story is pretty mediocre until you read the last paragraph.

"Smaller kids really love it," he said. "We've heard of kids coming from Judsonia, Bald Knob and other parts of the county just to see the chicken. Little kids run up and want a hug."
The town of Bald Knob? Seriously?! I mean, did someone look down his pants while founding the town and think to himself "A-HA! I know!"

See, the kids need a hug from the chicken, because everyone else in the world laughs at them when they tell them their address!

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2 Responses to “I Wanna Live THERE!”

Anonymous said...

There is a town in Pennsylvania called Intercourse

Dan said...

-"Where've you been?"
-"No, not why are you late, where have you been..."