Forget My Birthday

Yep, tomorrow is my birthday, but wait! There is a more important date up and coming. September 19th.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day! (US or UK. Google Search)

So, on Tuesday, all the posts I put on here with be in the style of a scurvy sea-sailing dog. Yaaar!

It's also worth noting - to men first - that March 14th is ALSO a date for your diary. Considering this is a "Family" blog, I'll let you find out why with a Google Search for "March 14th Steak" Oh course, you girlies can look too, as it concerns you to an extent ;)

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2 Responses to “Forget My Birthday”

Anonymous said...

yar har fiddle dee dee....

Happy birthday :) Hope you have a good one.

debbie said...

Thanks to Jo's blog the secret is out, I know what you have had for you B'day dinner