My Mind Fires Randomly

I don't know if you have this happen to you, dear reader, but sometimes, my brain sees something, and just runs with it. This image is a screen capture taken from my home page at My Yahoo - it basically shows me various news headlines, the weather, my most-used links etc etc. So I'm scanning down to the Technology news, when the first two titles catch my eye and make me chuckle.

The first "Popular Christian Books Spawn Video Game". ALL I could imagine was Bible: The Game. And my brain took it from there. You play as Jesus, running around, avoiding Romans, curing lepers, aiming to attend the last supper. You only get one life. Of course, you'd know how that game ends, but on the bright side, you don't die because your Dad helps you out.

Yes yes, I'm going to burn in hell.

So my eyes tick down to the next story "Web Site Owner Gets 7 Years For Piracy". So here's me picturing a random chap that happens to have a website, in his boat, burning villages, pillaging passing ships, and sailing the seven seas. Not sure why it mentions he's a website owner though. It's like saying "Dog Owner Gets 7 Years For Piracy".

OK, so I didn't sleep well last night and I've only just finished my first coffee. It's a Sunday, I'm allowed to be a weeny bit screwy. Well, screwier.

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3 Responses to “My Mind Fires Randomly”

Nancy Jensen said...

The next interesting headline will be: Computer nerd arrested trying to sneak on plane with concealed weapon: a tongue ring - VERY well concealed indeed.

Dan said...

"Xray Inconclusive. Try the anal probe..."

Nancy Jensen said...

hehe... better you than me.