The Week In A Post (Pt5)

So we're done with the first week of October. The week that saw Jo being ill through most of it, as well as the weather-switch being flicked from "Indian Summer" to "British Autumn". Nice. The week that had me ranting about Warcraft vs. Bad Press, being bored and busy and, importantly, gaining a new dog.

So a pretty normal week really.

As for the rest of you, well, you've been busy too! We've had a few changes to the Bloggers out there too. Alan in Ireland has decided to blog-no-more, so his blog Staroga is now a "Not Found" page - which is a shame, as I loved to read his posts, regardless of what he thought of them. Alan in Scotland is now home from Dubai and facing a disciplinary hearing after the hotel reported him. Bastards. He is still blogging, but needs a username and password - which you will have to ask him for as I don't want to give it out. Cass over on LiveJournal has found out someone is spying on her and causing all kids of problems, so has switched her blog to Friends Only - you'll have to sign up to LiveJournal and ask to be her friend to continue reading there.

Lastly, we've got three other blogs to read: India Knight - author, mum and friend - is blogging over on the Times Online about CHD and other special needs issues; Other Emma who was previously hiding her blog now posts publically; and Jenny, another CHD mum posts her musings! I'll update all the links later on!

So, on we press!

  • Jo asks the question - is our new dog a Wookie or an Ewok - go vote!
  • Christine has a very interesting day, filled with friends, conversation and events.
  • Emma - who's blog works again - has fun with technology and her special pig.
  • Minge adds another day from his Japan visit, Yokohama - Matsumoto.
  • Joansy details meeting her hubby and their first "Stay over" episode.
  • Laney remembers her childhood riding horses.
  • Lara posts her favorite pics from this week.
  • China Blue leaves her job finally, and spends too much.
  • Mark details his fun with Road Rage and idiot drivers.
  • Stuart geeks it up a notch and sets to redesigning his webpage.
  • Other Emma plays her favorite game.
  • Debbie has fun with WebCam pervs.
  • Richard lives in the stoneage with no internet at home.
  • Gretchen posts with three tangents - working out, wheel of fortune and food.
  • Tim discovers the joys of Christmas starting earlier and earlier each year.
  • Nancy has to cope with a nephew having a tumor discovered and removed - fingers crossed for Marcus (this is the initial post - there are others on her blog detailing his recovery/progress).
  • Brian posts some excellent photos from his New York trip.
  • Phylis wears a bib...
  • Jenny details things she does and doesn't deserve from life.
  • India posts an anonymous writing about the struggles of a parent dealing with special needs kids.
I am pretty certain that there is a theme amongst people that become bloggers - life is never quiet, never calm, rarely easy, but most of all, we take what we're given and run with it.

As for the great In-tar-web, well, there are various things catching my interest this week...
There, plenty to keep you occupied this lazy Saturday. Of course, if you happen to be working, what are you doing here? Shoo, before your boss catches you! Bad Worker! Bad!

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One Response to “The Week In A Post (Pt5)”

Alan said...

Kind words. Kind words indeed.

It may be too early to say, but I have the bare basics of an idea swirling around in my head. It would be different than staróga. That's all I'll say for now. It may amount to nothing, but we'll see.

Either way, I'm going to enjoy not having to rack my brains for a topic over the next few weeks.