It usually takes me forever to notice a new TV Series, and then even longer to manage to watch it. However, way back in September I made mention of something coming out that looked very cool, despite us lot across the pond likely having to wait forever to see it. But I SO wanted to watch Heroes.

In non-Dan fashion, I kept my eye on the show, seeing the rave reviews across the land, how it captivated millions of Americans each week, and I wanted and wanted it to succeed as it'd likely struggle over here otherwise. And succeed it did, with no sign of getting canned. Hoorah.

So I managed to get my sticky fingers on the first eleven episodes, and we watched them this week. Wow. There are few TV shows that hold my interest, but this is different enough that it's all new, and familiar enough that you get a warm feeling as the stories progress. If you've not seen it, and are an American-type-person, then you can watch all the episodes online at the NBC Site. If you're here in Sunny England, then tough, it won't let you watch - you'll have to wait till BBC2 announce their show dates.

So for the first time in a long time, Yay TV!

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4 Responses to “Heroes”

Cindylover1969 said...

If you have non-terrestrial TV viewing options, you don't have to wait until BBC2 gets to air it - it starts on Sci-Fi in February.

Daddy Cool said...

Isn't it awesome? I love love this show.

It must have been great to watch it back-to-back because I wonder about some of the connections I might have missed watching it weekly. I can't wait til the new ep.'s start next month.

Tree said...

Love it, too. I have watched several of the episodes back to back and it does help with continuity.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I just saw the first episode of this. Fab stuff!!