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Bored? At a loss for something to do? Then look no further my good friend! For here is a brief roundup of, well, pretty much where-ever I happen to go. I know it's been a while since I did one, but I felt creative. So, aside from my favourite posts across the board, we've had other things occurring. First up, Mr Minge has been given the all-clear from his nasty tongue lump that could have been that, so congrats to the crazy Scot. Other than that, we've had a nice tagging-thingie from Moncrief that quite a few have done. The weather has been a hot topic of conversation on both sides of the pond for several bloggers, as has Xmas with is literally looming on the horizon. There have been health issues, Aussies moving house, Software Programmers working around the clock, parents dealing with children...

Chaos, I think is the best word for it. There are a couple of new blogs in the list - Reynolds at Random Reality is an EMT working for London Ambulance Service and is a frank look at his world. Nee Naw is similar, but he is an Emergency Medical Dispatcher in London (the people that you speak with when you ask for an Ambulance after dialling 999). Matthew's Blog is another CHD child that is as cute as a button. Alan from Scotland is blogging again (and back in Dubai) so you'll need to contact him for his logon names.

So, anyway...

  • Christine has a new tag-thingie going on over on her blog, which I WILL get around to. Soon. Ish.
  • Emma has the world banging down her door thinking she was down in the dumps, when she was just busy - so she went into hiding!
  • Minge managed to get a load of Xmas Shopping done, plus managed to decorate his house, the busy bunny.
  • Joansy discovers the location of the greatest martini ever - but has a problem.
  • Laney thinks the cat she stole rescued might be up the duff, as it were...
  • Lara finds that she's been so busy, her feet haven't touched the floor.
  • China Blue has a tag-thingie listing the things she'd never do - another list I need to do at some point!
  • Mark has been working hard and looking forward to the party season. Probably so he can listen to more Take That...
  • Stuart geeks out in a big way with his new GP2x Console and a wad of old games.
  • Other Emma has a few issues with the Inland Revenue and their Tax Credit department!
  • Debbie's baby Joshua discovers that which entertains all babies - his toes.
  • Gretchen has a Hump Day, but has over 10,000 hits on her site (Congrats!)
  • Paul over at Money for Old Rope has been busy and tries to make excuses as to why he's not posted (and double-posts in the process!)
  • Tim The Convict at The Special Zipper has managed to raise just over AUS$600 for a charity in Australia by exhausting himself. And he's moving into a new jailcell house!
  • Nancy breathes a sigh of relief that Jessicas endoscopy goes without hitch, and the results are deal-with-able. If that's a word.
  • Becky has a perfect moment with Miles.
  • Brian shows off his sons artistic side.
  • Moncrief makes a trip to Present Day Wisconsin, by photos..
  • The Girl receives hate mail (Warning: Adult Blog)
  • Jenny receives the greatest gift of her life. And we're still waiting photos.
  • India posts a touching (Read: Tear Jerker) poem that won an award.
  • Alan in Ireland receives something he's needed for many years: Proof.
  • Reynolds posts about his anger at loss of life.
  • NeeNaw describes a scary call he and his trainee dealt with.
  • Michael posts Matthews upcoming month that looks like it's going to busy - as life can be with some CHD kids!
And I read all these blogs, multiple times per day! Just remember, when you're not posting, I'm twiddling my thumbs! Your lack of posting makes me sad! hehe

If you're done with the blogs, and need something to do, maybe entertainment for a little while, maybe something to last longer, then look no further!
  • Simple But Annoying - A massive collection of games that seem simple enough, but get harder, faster!
  • Sling - A physics/cartoony platform game that is very well made - especially for a free game!
  • Missile Game 3D - Zoom through the tunnel, avoid the obsticals, win.
  • Mary Poppins Horror - Someone has taken scenes from Mary Poppins and edited it to look like a Horror. Very smart!
  • Tony vs. Paul - Stop-Motion video of two chaps fighting. Very well made and suchlike. With huge amounts of patience, no doubt.
  • Spikey Ball - Another physics-based platform game. Rescue the bugs, destroy the plantlife.
  • WD40 - The reason it says on the tin "Do not puncture or rupture this tin"
So, there you go - my boredom should help alleviate any that you might be feeling! Have a good weekend :)

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6 Responses to “Linkage For Friday”

Laney said...

Hahahaha! You cheeky bugger. I didn't steal*ahem*rescue the cat, she just turned up. If the owners appear they're welcome to her, she's eating us out of house and home Plus, the budgie is walking a very thin line between life and lunch. :)

Minge said...


The Special Zipper said...

Reynolds post is excellent ... sort of timely in a different way after witnessing the aftermath of a road fatality where a 2 year old toddler passed away ... another absolute waste of life.

India's post was also interesting. We were high risk of Downs with Connor and had to wait two weeks to find out yes or no .. we thought we couldn't cope with Downs and I am not sure what would have happened ... but then he came to us with CHD and most of the time we do pretty well with living a normal as possible life.

Thanks Dan for the links

Tim the Convict

Anonymous said...

Ah ha!! Tim the Convict!!
How'd you come up w/ that???


The Special Zipper said...

Dan came up with that but I kind of like it .. makes me sound mean when I don't have a mean streak in my body .. well maybe one.

He is going back to the 1800s when Australia was settled by Europeans and has concocted some story that my family stole a slice of bread (or maybe were really daring and stole a whole loaf) and as such were shipped out to Australia as convicts. In actual facts O'Neill's were Kings in Ireland (proably no link to me but I like to speculate).

So there you have it ... Tim the Convict it is!

Nancy Jensen said...

The Tony vs Paul stop-action bit was pretty cool. Amazing how they could make it look like they were flying through the air like that.

Now the dude who punctured the WD40 can.... all I can say is: *duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*