Without harping on too much, yesterday was a long, hard and stressful day - not through anything really bad or particularly interesting, but I got moody because of it. It was Jo's nans 90-something birthday. 93, I think it was. The day before, a spur-of-the-moment meal out was arranged, which prompted a pickup from school just in case we were late. However, everyone was doing their own thing yesterday, and the "pick up for meal at 1pm" became "pick up when we get to you, then going to nans, then going out..." which drives me nutty.

Luckily, Cel didn't mind having Jaysen, but we didn't even get out meal till gone 3pm. It was just one thing after another, and Jo cheered me up last night (get your mind out of there!) with a toffee liqueur hot chocolate. It's the simple things.

Of course, Tam was the star of the day as usual, and to keep her quiet she had some stuff to do at the dinner table otherwise she gets bored and goes to greet the strangers all around her. Jo gave her a Tweenies comic, and she was very interested in it...

And there she sat for a while, flipping through the pages, looking at the giant puppet things in great detail!

Of course, once we got home, everyone was tired, we'd eaten a big dinner, the house was warm, and Jo popped out, Tam stole her chair. It didn't take long, but after a long day being cute, she flaked out in the most uncomfortable looking position...

She is sound asleep there, and stayed like it for almost an hour before mummy banged into the house and woke her up!

Last night me and Jo chilled out by playing computer games - neither of us played Warcraft, which was strange - and we both played different games, which was equally strange!

Bed time, Tam was refreshed, so a bit of "Monster chasing her around" was in order. If I wasn't tired before, that exhausted me, but the squeals and giggles of mock fear were worth it! She actually fell asleep cuddling me in my bed last night which never happens. I didn't have the heart to put her into her bed, and aside from a fight outside at midnight, the house was quiet through till 6am, when I decided enough was enough and got up.

Yes, I had a shitty night again! hehehe

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One Response to “Organisation”

Daddy Cool said...

I'm the sleepless one in our house as well. It's wretched.

ha, to the sleeping picture, too cute.