Two Tags From Minge

Jolly old Minge has posted a couple of items that are worth a chuckle. And despite me saving up my tags for the end of the month, I figured these two are worth doing now :) You are tagged just by reading this! Go on, you know you want to ;)

So, first off we have the Window on your World. Take a picture from your window at what you look out to, and email it to Minge. Where, when etc? Well, I shall quote directly from Minge:

Please take a photograph of whatever you see before you, this Sunday (4th February 2007) at 5pm/17:00 (local time) and email it to me. Feel free to add any information you like, what the picture shows, what you were doing at the time, where you are, whether it's typical or atypical of where you are or what you do at 17:00 on a Sunday afternoon. Anything. It's up to you. One thing: Please put Window On Your World in the subject line. That would be very helpful.

All images will be uploaded on my blog some time next week. Should be exciting!
Of course, it occurs to me that it's too late for poor crazy Australians that might happen to read this, but I am sure said-crazy person can come up with something!

Secondly, we have the "Post your Desktop" jobbie. I occasionally post mine, but to be honest, it's not changed all that much, not to mention my desktop is so darn tidy, it's just a wallpaper - no icons, no taskbar/start button, even my dock is hidden. Yes, I am on a PC, but yes, it looks like a Mac. Once again, quoting Master Minge:
I want to see a picture of your desktop on your blog asap. Fail, my lamb, and I'm coming 'round to your place, bringing the bicycle pump, Crisco and Swarfega.

I don't want to see you out to impress us all, though, by removing your porny icons, replacing them with highbrow stuff. Au naturelle, bitte.

Talk about your desktop if you like, but the image is all that's necessary. All I want to say about my desktop is that it's as disorganised and cluttered as my life. I really need to get a grip.
So, head on over to Minges blog to see HIS desktop, but mine is posted below. And yes, I am a perv ;)

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4 Responses to “Two Tags From Minge”

Lisa said...

Hi yeah good blog, I'm trying to let people of basildon know about art you need.
Look at
or my e.mag. Lots of fun things are happening in your area - tell your friends.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oops... missed it...
We were watching the Super Bowl over at a friends.... and EATING TOO MUCH OF COURSE!!!
Love Super Bowl parties!

Minge said...

Fabulously vile!

debbie said...

how do I post to you whats on my Desktop Dan