I Diiiid It, I Diiiid It!

If, on reading the title of this blog you picture me doing some kind of spazzy dance, you're mind is on the right track. Of course, add to that the mental image of said-spazzy dance with me in a dressing gown, and you're pretty much there.

Sorry, towelling robe.

So, update your bookmarks, fix your links, lock up your daughters and put locks on the intarweb, because I am now on my new URL! *dances* As of this morning, you can now find me through whatever that link is/was, but now the eco-friendly, reduced-emissions, methane-controlled*, CFC-free address of www.0ddness.co.uk And do I even need to mention the Zero not an O part?

Of course not, it's there at the top of the page!

You can still use the non-biodegradable URL of 0ddness.blogspot.com but let's face it, this is the 21st Century, and I am now officially cool.

Yes, I'm a geek, and the saddest things amuse me!

*Methane may not be *that* controlled

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12 Responses to “I Diiiid It, I Diiiid It!”

Nancy Jensen said...

I thought there was something different when I clicked on your link. Less methane emissions... BUT I have a feeling the following will apply to your new digs:

Cows may come and cows may go....
But the BULL in this place goes on forever.


debbie said...

wow what can I say, cool or sad techy geek??

Em's way said...

Yay congratulations Dan !!

g-man said...

Congrats on the domain. Does that mean you have a host and web storage and all that crap? You going to make a home page?

Dan said...

Nancy - there is enough Bull in this place to last " a while". I'll tell Jo to stop it...

Debbie - The word you want is cool ;)

Em - Thank you :D

Gman - As it stands, I am still hosting on Blogger - I've only bought a domain name and blogger offers a redirection thing for free. I'm considering a proper webpage, but I'm lazy ;)

weatherchazer said...

Everyone is sad in their own way...but at least you're cool about it! :)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Are you cereal??? You did!!




Yes, here I am again w/ my bright and smiley face to greet you!!
(and Magoo too)

Anonymous said...

But, why, why, why do you use the zero and not the proper "O"?? you know, we Americans tend to expect you English to be proper, shocker or not in your case!

Alan Fisher said...

y0u have an 0dd fixati0n with the letter zer0, have I t0ld y0u that?

H0w are y0u getting 0n with my ebay/bl0g link, btw?


Dan said...

WeatherChazer - I am so cool, the rest of the world has yet to catch me up ;)

Terri - I think you've been sniffing marker pens again!

Jenny - Because, erm... Probably because "Oddness" was taken, so I went wild ;)

Salty - It's true, but I can also type with numbers and 5`/M8015...

As for your ebay jobbiness, I've actually checking something on Ebay themselves now - apparently they have a kit you can download with code and stuff in it, but I am trying to figured if it's Blogger-Compatible.

debbie said...

OH Dan, now you have your own web addy, you tell me its a cool thing and not sad techy, but each time we visit you does it cost me to hit your blog and you earn out of it.. ??

Alan said...

Check you out with your real web address self.