I can be quite sympathetic at times.  Sarcastic with it maybe, but I DO have my sympathetic moments...

Stop laughing.

However, there are times when my sympathy is not only so far-flung it makes me chuckle, but I get pushed the other way, and firmly believe that not only does the person NOT deserve sympathy, but that they also deserve exactly what they get.

And reading Sky News earlier, I found myself in such a anti-sympathetic situation:
Bull Horn Horror: Matador Gored In Chest

A Spanish matador is fighting for his life after being gored during a bullfight in Madrid.

The bullfight was held during Madrid's annual San Isidro fiesta.

Thousands of spectators watched in horror as Israel Lancho was attacked by the sixth bull at the Las Ventas bullring in the capital.

Reports said Mr Lancho reached the bullring surgery still conscious despite being speared by one of the bull's horns.

Spanish matador Israel Lancho is gored as he tries to kill a bull

The 30-year-old had emergency surgery under general anaesthetic on the 25cm-deep wound sustained upwards in the chest area.

The Daily Mail said his gaping wound was nearly eight inches wide, with Spanish press claiming it was a miracle the bull's horn had missed his heart.

The bullfight was held as part of Madrid's annual San Isidro fiesta, which honours the city's patron saint.

Local media reported the matador was in a very serious condition at the Clinica Virgen del Mar in the Spanish capital following the surgery.
Now, is it just me that thinks this guy got what he deserved? The pictures on Sky show this guy all done up with the bull stabbing him in the chest - however, there's not mention of the sharp pointy things stuck in the bull, nor the fact that its skin is slick with blood flowing from it's injuries. Let's be honest, if you're going to try killing a bull, you've got to accept that it's got sharp pointy bits.

Or, in other words, if you're going to stab a bull to death, in front of a crowd, then you probably deserve to be impaled.

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3 Responses to “Irony...”

The HoJo's said...

karma, ring a bell?

welcome back to the bloggy world Dan


Lynzi said...

The annoying thing is, if he survives you just KNOW he will get back into the Bull Ring and be portrayed as some kind of Hero......

By the way, welcome back :o)

GreenCastle said...

Wow 2 posts lol....

Welcome back my friend. Im with you and the others that have commented.. If your stupid enough to get dressed up in stupid clothes, jump into an enclosure with an animal emmensley havier and stronger than you, with sharp pointy bits, and stick it with little swords, then at some point your gonna have to accept it getting mad and jumping up and down on your head, if not stabbing you with said sharp pointy bits.

Go Bull, Go Bull, Go Bull, :o)