Two Years?!

At around this time two years ago, something really really strange happened.

No, actually, let me go back a little bit further.  One year and ten/eleven months ago, I was going through a bit of a dilemma.  See, many many years ago, I had this girlfriend.  Girl-Next-Door, grew up together, etc etc.  We tried dating in our late teens, and it sort of kind of worked, then went a bit pear-shaped.

I won't discuss the details of it here, quite a lot of you know how THAT ended up.  We stopped talking, let's just leave it at that ;)

Then, we fast forward many many years.  I get a message out of the blue.  Mr Facebook decided to put us back in contact with one another...  I get a message that starts with the line "I don't know if you're still talking to me..."

Now, I have never been one to hold a grudge.  OK, ONE grudge doesn't count and I don't care about him, but other than that, I am not one to hold a grudge.  So, me and this girl started talking, catching up, discussing the last million years that had slipped by in the blink of an eye.

Then, we decide that talking over Facebook is sooo 2007, we decide to head to a local pub for lunch.  We met, she was still very short, though her blonde hair had turned brown.  But she was still very very short.


We sat and chatted and talked about pretty much everything, putting the world to rights and a few hours later, said goodbye.  We carried on chatting on and off - Facebook, Texts, Email, MSN - having a laugh, lots of "Oooh remember when..." conversations and that sort of thing.

We met up a couple more times, I even went over there one Saturday afternoon for dinner with her and her kids, and everything was good.  It was nice to be back in contact with her, and everything was natural and easy and OH MY GOD WHERE DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM?!

That thought was "She's really nice.  Really really nice.  I quite like her.."

Of course, being so manly, I kept it rather well to myself.  Sort of.  Within minutes of my brain firing that little gem off, I was on the phone to Ruth, and texting Posh Totty.  I don't remember the exact conversation, but it was something like "HEEEEEEELP!"

Being these two ladies were helpful and mature they didn't take the piss.  Much.  No... wait... No I think about it, it was a constant barrage of piss taking.  Comments, emails, attachments on emails - WHICH I STILL HAVE!  They asked the girlie stuff too, but mostly, it was pisstaking.

However, not wanting to scare her off, I decided to NOT act on these feelings and just carry on.  And on, and on and... oh you get the idea.

So, we continued to mail, to text, to meet for lunch every now and then, and I even went over for a drink a couple of times and stayed over.  These were all highly nerve-racking times for your idiot author, but with Posh in my pocket on my mobile, I knew there was backup if I needed it.

Well... Sort of.  EVERYTHING that happened, I would text/mail her with "She's sitting here, she's sitting like this, she's saying this or this..." and the helpful reply would be "BWHAHAHAHA!"  I started to analyse everything.  Everything that was said, how she was sitting, where she was sitting, how she looked...

Other friends - on my side and hers - were all "So are you seeing her/him again?" and when the answer was affirmative, it was followed by lots of "Ooooooh!" type-sounds.  Everyone was under the impression we were dating.  Everyone refused the "But, she's IS just a friend!" answer I gave to any question, and honestly, we were.

End of May 2008, I had a date to go beat up spend the weekend with Posh Totty, her hubby, plus Jennifer, Becky and Linzi.  Meet up, lots of drink, lots more drink, have a laugh (yes yes, get beaten by a girl on the Xbox.  At a game I've never played on a console I've never used...) and generally do nothing all weekend.

That was the plan.  I had four women questioning me about her, telling me to just call her and tell her how I feel, open up and all that sort of stuff.  Of course, I didn't do that.  That would have been far too easy.  So, I spent the time texting her which, in hindsight, while slightly drunk, might not have been the most subtle of texts.

She had asked if I was having a good time, and I replied with "It'd be really good if you were here too.  I miss you."

I WAS DRUNK!!!  That, as far as I could tell, was me being subtle.  Granted, this is the same evening I smooshed a double cheeseburger with all the trimmings on my phone.  Possibly an evening of "Oops" moments.

So, after journey back from Poshville to Basildonia, I resume my life, fretting over what to do and what to say.  I KNEW it would all burst out at one point, but I thought I would hold it off.

Now, in the run up to heading to Poshville, I had developed a Manly Sniffle, and after getting home, it developed straight past ManFlu and right into the territory of Flumonia.  Upon hearing this, a strange thing happened to her...  She decided to come and "make sure I was OK"


Now as far as I could tell, she was in her own little bubble - I didn't realise her friends were asking about me and making the "Oooooh" sounds when she spoke about me - which, according to James and The Best Friend, Kerry - she did a lot.  But I didn't know that then.

So now, with me and Jaysen curled on the sofa counting down the days left to live, she came to "see if we were OK"  She comes in, makes me a cup of tea, and we sit on the sofa.  You know those moments that are burned deeply into your mind, this is one such moment.  We were sat on my sofa - me in my crappy "I'm sick!" clothes - watching, of all things, StormHawks on Cartoon Network.  She liked the little cat-dog-rabbit-thing in it, and I happened to turn it over as she arrived.

We're sat there, I'm trying to breathe without sounding like a blocked drain and think, RIGHT!  I fidgeted a little, altered how I was sitting and decided this was it.  This was MY moment.  This, Dan, was it - now or never!

I extended my right arm and in turn my little finger... Which I placed *just* on her left thigh, and rubbed ever-so-ever-so slightly.  And that, my friends, was my grand plan.

Manly eh.

An hour or so later, she had to go and head back to Canvey to get the kids from school.  I had done it, I had let her know just how I felt.  We said goodbye and she headed off, though... slowly. 

Turns out she didn't want to go.

The following day, she had to go to Kevin & Kellys wedding.  While she was getting ready we were chatting about mundane things, and I commented something like, I bet you look lovely in your dress.  A short time later, I got a text showing me her looking lovely in her new dress.  And told her she looked lovely.  There was also a comment along the lines of "It's a shame you're not going to" but at this point, I didn't know either Kevin nor Kelly.

Later in the day, the alcohol started flowing, and much like when I was in Poshville, the texts got a little more typo-filled and a little more Attempted-Subtleness-Which-Is-Actually-Not.  I even stayed up late and chatted to her while she was drunk - her and Kerry getting in trouble for walking about with bottles of wines and straws, after most others had gone to bed.


On Sunday, after her "fuzzy head" had passed, we chatted for a bit, and agreed that Monday, we'd meet up and go to the local pub for a drink.  Which I think we both knew was code for "Let's talk!"

And talk we did.  Monday, 9th June 2008, we both decided to "give it a go and see what happens"

That, my friends, was two years ago.

Two years, and I still love her to bits.  Very very much.  I love you Miss Kellie, more than you know.

Happy anniversary beautiful

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3 Responses to “Two Years?!”

Kellie said...

He hee..... how sad were we......

I cant believe you haven't killed me yet....though, there is still time... ;)

I love you lots too sexy pants....



Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy days - I remember when it all began, congratulations! :-D


Posh Totty said...

Happy Anniversary guys :O)

I am very shocked you mentioned my beating you on the Xbox game, Im guessing you still carry the mental scars from being beat by a girl Mwahahaha!!!!!