Crafty Stuff

Kellie is crafty.  Thankfully, I don't mean in the sense of sneaking off in a large coat, skulking around, and having midnight meetings with her underground contacts.  No, Kellie is crafty in the sense of she can get a bit of card and some sticky stuff, and voila! She's got a card.

Now me, I would end up with the card glued to my forehead, the sticky stuff would be wedged in my nose and from nowhere there would be glitter all over me.

And the surrounding area. And everyone within a quarter-mile radius.

But that's not the point.  Kellie is the crafty one, and she's a damn fine crafty-type.  She's not had any "training" but churns out various cards for various people.

Following a conversation with some crafty American-sorts (Well, Nancy, anyway!) discussing - of all things - glue, Kellie has given me permission to post a few pictures of her work here.

As is usual, clicky each picture to embiggen it :D

And Nancy, the last two show the curly-paper that I was talking about...

She really is a smart arse... But, all this, and she can cook too!

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One Response to “Crafty Stuff”

Nancy Jensen said...

Those cards are so cute! Gosh, too bad you live so far or Kellie and I could really get along well, crafting our whole time together!

The paper curled because the paper got too wet. I prefer the type that is called a "tape runner". I already sent you a bunch of links... but I'm still looking for the perfect glue! One of the adhesives I thought I liked... the paper is starting to come away from the other paper it's adhered to. I may try to get my money back as I just opened a 3-pak of said glue. ugh! But I digress....

Kellie, I really like the embossing you did on the inside of the Mother's day card. You rock!