The Big Hair Cut!

OK, it's been thrown around over and over, but finally, it's time. I'm going to do it, and I'm going to jump straight in.

On or around the 1st of June, my hair WILL be cut.

And I WILL be raising money for both the Guys Hospital charity (ECHO: Evelina Childrens Heart Organisation) and for Cancer Research UK. To this end, I have set up a Virgin Money Giving account which allows me to split the total to the different charities. It also allows people overseas to donate as well, and considering how many people said they would love to donate from the States, so much the better.

You can find the donation page by clicking This Link.

Now, I was quite surprised that within fifteen minutes, a small handful of people donated nearly £100... Surprised, and happy, and astounded. Hopefully a similar momentum will carry on, and I will get a massive amount of money donated to two absolutely brilliant charities.

All I need now is the help of you, dear reader. Firstly, I would love for you to be able to donate, any amount, small or large - it all helps, and all makes a difference. Even if you can't donate, then please please share my Virgin Money Giving page with everyone you know - share on Facebook, send to your Twitter followers, publish to your Google+ Circles - however you want to do it, please drum up as much support for me as you can!

I have a little under seven weeks to raise as much money as I can, and to do so, I will need your help. It's not often that I ask for the help of others, but I'm sure you will agree, this is very much worth it!

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One Response to “The Big Hair Cut!”

GreenCastle said...

On it like a car bonnet... and we have donated as well!!

Lets keep it going...